Criomagan 2000 (digital download)


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Shilling for a Bride

Exhibition: A Century of Wedding dresses at CEN

Girl of His Dreams (by Mairead Murray of Dail Bho Dheas 1841-1913)

The Wedding Eve (extract from 'The Devil in the Wind' by Charles Macleod)

Wedding Dress 1957 courtesy of Bella Macleod, Galson

Pòsaidhean Nis (bho bhideo a rinneadh ann an 1984 le Ciorstaidh Mhurdaidh à Port Nis)

Lewis Bridal Song (reminiscences of Duncan M Morison during an interview with Katie Mary Mackenzie in 1994)

Banais Ailein (òran do Ailean Don air a sgrìobadh le Aonghas Caimbeul Am Bocasir)

Bridal Couples at the beginning of the 20th Century

February Weddings (from Stornoway Gazette 1917)

Marriage of the Iolaire Medalist (from Stornoway Gazette 1920)

Sùil air Ais

CEN: For all the Family