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na Dorsan

The exhibition entitled ‘na Dorsan’ charts the history of Galson from prehistory to community buyout in 2007. It will showcase Iron Age and Viking artefacts discovered on the Galson coastline - on loan from National Museums Scotland and Museum nan Eilean, Stornoway.   

People have settled around Galson for thousands of years. Clues to the area’s prehistory survive in the form of objects found in excavations or as chance discoveries. These will be used to weave a story from the first farmers in the area, some 6000 years ago, through to the area’s contacts with the Viking world.

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Previous Exhibitions

Previous exhibitions include Urachadh The Restoration of An Sulaire, World War I, Ness FC and A Look Back at the 1970s which marked the 40th anniversary of Comunn Eachdraidh Nis. 

Previous Exhibitions